Our mission is to provide a home to animals that have been adandoned or abused, to show them what it is to live in a home where they are loved.

Bernie, as he is affectionately called around these parts, was found wandering the streets in December 2019. I had to brake quite suddenly while a slow and steady pooch disregarded all cars to cross the road. On my way home I saw the guy again crossing the road as though he was switching lanes to get to the kitchen. So I stopped, scooped him up and put him in the car. He willingly came along.

Bernie was restless the first night but once he relaxed he calmed down and slept for a couple days. We called him Bernie, Bernard was an old man's name. We advertised him as lost but it was 3 months before his owners showed up.

Turns out that Bernie belonged to a gentleman that worked in our street and it was very likely that he was on the way there. They tell me he used to accompany his owner every day to work.

The connection

Making the connection was a lot tougher than it should have been. Bernie was with us for 3 months before he was spotted by my neighbours, an expat couple that made it their business to enjoy the first daylight with a walk down the street. At the same time I had volunteers who also made it their business to ensure that all dogs got to go for walks at least once a day. And as luck would have it Bernie crossed paths with Lynn and Calvin who recognised him in an instant.

"That's Alice Cooper!" Lynn said. He belongs down at the farm down there and he barks at us every morning as we pass by. It's been ages since we saw him on the farm. We wondered where he had gotten to!

I went down to the farm and showed some pics. and true as Bob they said that Bernie belonged to one of their workers and that he had been missing for some time. They gave me their number and the next day the family rocked up to pick up Bernie.

The smell of liver

So all of the dogs at the Wet Nose get liver poured over their food every day twice a day and Bernie is probably the biggest foodie I have ever met. It wasn't long before the smell of liver had him knocking at the gate to come in, just in time for breakfast!

And so it was that every day Bernie would join us for breakfast and every afternoon his owners would pick him up to take him home until one day they didn't any more.

A year later

Bernie didn't seem to bothered by his new life, sprawled out on the couch, liver for breakfast and dinner, Bernie got fat and lived a happy life. One day his family came asking to see him. They explained that they felt so bad and realised that he wanted to live here and gave in to his wishes. My annoyance turned to pity when I realised how disappointed they were and how unselfishly they had allowed him to make his choice.

They even thought that Bernie had already long passed since he was an old man to start out with. But they agreed to come and see him as often as they could since it was clear that Bernie was over the moon each time they came.

So that is how Bernie came to live at the Wet Nose and get to live the very best of both worlds.

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