Our mission is to provide a home to animals that have been adandoned or abused, to show them what it is to live in a home where they are loved.

Blue was spotted by Valery wandering the street near where she lives. She said she had seen him pretty much every day rummaging in the trash. She noticed that his skin was covered in scabs and it looked like he had wounds and infections.

She posted some pictures on facebook and sent them to rescuers in her area and some how they landed up in our inbox. We started gathering donations and looking for a foster family and Valery agreed that as soon as we had enough money to take him to the vet that she would pick him up and take him.That didn't happen for some two weeks as it seemed our little guy had gone into hiding or had already been picked up.

Blue's day did come and Valery snatched him up and took him off to the vet. With such short notice we arranged for him to stay the night to give us time to find a foster.

Blue went to see two vets. He was diagnosed with erlichia, a blood bacteria, demodex mange, papiloma virus and aneamia.

His treatment consisted of sulfur baths every 2-3 days, an injection for the mange, antibiotics for the erlichia, another injection for the mouth warts and lots of supplements to strengthen his immune system and help the anaemia.

Foster homes are few and far between and during the pandemic even more so, so we found a doggie hotel out in San Ramon who agreed to take him on a special case where he stayed for 3 nights. during that short amount of time he picked up 800 grams!

Sarah came to the rescue and offered to foster Blue. Sarah has a lovely home in Grecia full of little hairy four legged friends wo took no time to accept the little guy. He very quickly made himself comfortable, found the food and water bowls and of course the bone stash!

Special thanks to...

Susan and Bobby for picking up our little buddy from the hotel in San Ramon, taking him to Dr Solano in Atenas and paying the bill.

Sarah for opening her home to little Blue and offering him a safe space to recover. Blue's medications are on a very long list and Sarah is diligently ensuring that he gets his meds on the clock.

Danielle and Cheryl for monetary donations.

Lisa for sharing Blue's story which helped us gather the donations we needed to pay his costs which came to 200,000 ($341) by the time he got to Sarah's house.

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  1. Sarah says:

    I am Blue’s new foster mom in CR. He is such a sweetheart! He is gentle and loves just running around being a dog. Even though has to take a lot of medications to recover from all of his ailments *no problem, I was a nurse for 38 years. He is already looking better and playing with his 3 other brothers and 2 sisters!

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