Our mission is to provide a home to animals that have been adandoned or abused, to show them what it is to live in a home where they are loved.

Clara was discovered in a junk yard, the owners alerted the local rescuers to the fact that she had had a littler of puppies and they needed help finding homes for them. The puppies were removed by ARVAA except for one and the owners said that they no longer wanted Clara, and that they should take her away as well. Clara was chained up and was able to move about 2-3 metres. She would bark fiercely at anyone that came close to her and even bite if her warnings weren't heeded.

It was time to call in the experts. Luis from Manejo y Bienestar Animal Brais was asked to help. Equipped with sausages and the sleeves of his dog suit he was able to get close enough to remove her chain. She was taken immediately to the vet where the idea was that she get castrated and vaccinated. Clara needed to have her bloodwork done to be sure she could go under the knife and he tests came out positive for anemia.

After a life changing haircut Clara was brought to The Wet Nose where she would be given treatment for anemia and for anxiety. At the Wet Nose she met Chloe and the 2 became very close very quickly with Clara wanting to spend every spare moment she had in Chloe's company. As soon as she has been spayed she will be ready to for adoption!

Clara gets along well with cats, she has no inkling to chase them at all. She also gets along with most dogs and enjoys playing. Ask Millie! The 2 of them are the best of friends.

Temperament Anxious but affectionate
Energy Level Medium
Size Medium
Gender Female
Breed Poodle Cross
Castrated Yes
Recommendations Calm environment

Update 5 September

Clara has been spayed and has a best friend, Millie! When we took her in to be spayed she got weighed and had picked up 4 kilos. At the moment Clara is in great shape and has really settled down a lot with us. She is still very anti-strangers and acts aggressively towards them but it very clearly stems from fear. We have been working on getting her to come into contact with more and more people to show her that people in general are not to be feared. This is a major aspect of her rehabilitation.

With us she is a lively, happy dog who gives lots of tail wags when she sees us. She loves to cuddle in the bed and sleeps under the covers.


You know the best thing about being a poodle? You get to reinvent yourself every month!

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  1. Cesar Fallas says:

    Buenos dias me gustaria mas información sobre Clara

  2. lucrezia folger says:

    what is Clara’s approximate age? I am interested in her but am out of the country at the moment.

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