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Distemper broke my heart and not because it took a doggie away from me, it was the way it did it. Distemper is a cruel and merciless disease that slowly works its way through the dogs system, destroying and debilitating each system until finally the doggie passes from sheer exhaustion at trying to defend itself against this horrible virus.

Everything I know about distemper I know from treating Sally. The entire process of treating her was a major eye opening experience, I think for everyone involved. This is because as soon as a dog is diagnosed with distemper the recommendation is always to put them down, their main reason is because it leaves the dog with permanent mobility issues and is highly contagious.

How contagious is distemper?

Distemper is not a joke but I think it is important to put this into context. There is very little literature on distemper, so this post is an accumulation of what I was able to find out.

  • The virus can live on your hands and clothes and after coming into contact with a dog with distemper you can easily pass it on to another if the proper care is not taken.
  • It is transported from one animal to another via direct contact through bodily fluids which include urine, feaces, eye and nasal discharge and blood.
  • It does not live long without a host and dies within 30 minutes under the sun and within about 5 hours at room temperature. This means that it does not stay dormant in the soil or on the floor of your home long after your pet has died, like parvo virus does, and it also means that you can wash your clothes and bedding, albeit regularly, with regular detergent.
  • The virus can survive for weeks at freezing temperatures and the colder the conditions the longer it survives.
  • Most household detergents and cleaners can easily kill the virus. Alcohol and hand sanitiser is effective as well.
  • While the dog has symptoms, s/he is still able to pass the virus on. This can last as long as 4 months.







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