Our mission is to provide a home to animals that have been adandoned or abused, to show them what it is to live in a home where they are loved.


The dogs get fed twice a day; around 7 am and and again just after 4pm. In the morning we start making the dog's food as soon as we are done with the morning duties and in the afternoon we start at 4pm.


The dogs downstairs eat downstairs and the dogs upstairs eat upstairs


Kitchen - Honey and Mingo
Outside (in the shade) - Motta
Storm's bedroom - Ares
Bathroom - Canela
Living room - Max, Lady, Vida and Scruffy
Passageway - Paz
My bedroom - Jet


Balcony - Jessy and Harriet
Front porch - Bernie
Kitchen - Bobby and Laica
Lounge - Whiskey, Spotty, Clara and Dahlia (in the cage)
Shared room - Fin
Private room - Gorda

The process - Start to Finish


1. Feed the dogs downstairs
2. Feed the dogs upstairs
3. Go down and if the dogs are at least half way done, give Paz and Jet their food.
4. Pick up the bowls downstairs, pick up the bowls of the dogs that are not eating and put in the kitchen and put all the dogs outside.
5. If Mingo and Honey need help, give them liver or sausage.
6. Pick up Paz's bowl, open the bedroom door for Jet, take her out and pick up her bowl.
7. Put Honey and Mingo out the kitchen, Honey outside and Mingo in the living room.
8. Help the dogs that didn't eat with extra liver one at a time to eat alone in the kitchen.
9. When all dogs have eaten, Paz can clean the big bowl alone in the kitchen.
10. Let Jet inside and into the bedroom
11. Give Canela her food
12. Take Mingo out
13. Pick up Canela's bowl
14. Wash and stack the bowls
15. Rotate the dogs, Canela out and the girls in


1. Give the dogs their food
2. Wait for Bernie to make sure he doesn't try to steal Jessy and Harriet's food
3. Pick up the bowls
4. If the dogs need help, add liver to their food before taking the dogs out of position.
5. Once all dogs have eaten put the dogs inside outside, and the dogs outside in
6. Follow normal rotation, letting some dogs in again
7. Wash bowls

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