Our mission is to provide a home to animals that have been adandoned or abused, to show them what it is to live in a home where they are loved.

Little Jettie doesn't have a sad story, but it could have been! I was driving home one day and in the Rio Grande area I saw what looked like a large breed puppy. That's because my eyes aren't so good. When I see a dog in the street I usually leave them be since in Costa Rica the culture is very much to let the dog take itself for a walk, pick on trash and come home at night to protect the house. But since I figured this was a puppy, I stopped to grab her.

As I went to grab her I realised she was an older dog and she shot off across the road, I followed her out of fear that I was putting her life in danger, to see if she would come to me if I didn't try to grab her. She ducked down and let me pick her up. And that was how I got Jettie.

I went back to the area often to knock on doors and see if I could find her owner, I followed leads and I published her on the lost and found pages in facebook and heard nothing back.

Jettie likes to sit all day in my room. She is a bit antisocial like that but needs to be coaxed to come out and spend some time outside. If she doesn't she will do her business right there.

She doesn't like it when other dogs have fun. Any playing and tip tapping on the balcony above my room sets off her little bark, as does playing on my bed or any intruders coming to my window such as Harriet or Peach. On the odd occasion Domino comes to bother Lucky.

She is also quite dominant, not surprising for a small dog. When she is outside and there is too much fun happening she really gets involved and even tries to bite the bigger dogs.

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