Our mission is to provide a home to animals that have been adandoned or abused, to show them what it is to live in a home where they are loved.

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According to Daniria, a rescuer working in the field in Aguas Zarcas, Sarita is one of 2 pups that was sexually abused by a human. Dani as she is known to her friends, filed a complaint with OIJ, she placed Sarita's mom in a foster home where she can run and play, her sister went to Dani's home where they have to manually stimulate her so that she poops and Sarita got to go to Den's house in Cartago where she has hit it off with Den's little doggie Wendy.

Den saw a transformation in Sarita almost as soon as she arrived and decided to call her Joy.

Daniria is very strict about ensuring that all doggies that leave her hands go castrated and Sarita was no exception. She was castrated just a couple of days before she was picked up by onica and when se arrived both Den and Monica were concerned with Sarita's wound. Within less than 24 hours the stitches had torn through her skin and her wound was completely open.

Den took Sarita off to the vet who programmed surgery for the next day to reconstruct the wound area. In the meantime he gave her some pain relief and other medications.

We expect that Sarita will be a medium sized dog, she is full of beans since she's still very young, she gets along with people and other dogs and is very docile and unassuming.

Sarita's Expenses:

  • Vet Bill 1 25,000
  • Vet Bill 2 28,000
  • Food 35,000

Total 88,000

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  1. Sarah says:

    I first saw Sarita in an enclosure in Aguas Zarcas, that was right next to a very bad smelling chicken coop with maybe 80 chickens. That was on August 25th. She was laying on a crate with cardboard and was shaking with fear. She was there with her mom and her sister. The rescuer reported that a human man raped the puppies. She was scared, thin and very sedate. Food was donated from Ash Leigh and her donors to Wet Nose Rescue. Then the real work began. The mom and her sister were fostered to other homes that were vetted. Sarita went to a vet, was treated and spayed. A volunteer, Den is fostering her and she was welcomed into a loving, kind and generous family, with playmates! Her wound, from being spayed, opened up. Back to the vet for a scar repair and revision and a plastic cone! The hard part was getting her from Aguas Zarcas to Cartago. A generous woman named Monica drove all the way from Puriscal, to Aquas Zarcas to pick her up and then drove Sarita to Cartago…easily an 8 hour drive on curvy, mountainous roads. So when they say it takes a village to raise a child, the saying holds true of changing the lives of the abused, neglected, and starving dogs of Costa Rica. Way to go “Team Sarita”!

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