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A dog's bark is annoying and so much so that in many parts of the world dog owners are being fined for allowing their dogs to make excessive noise or for simply ignoring the barking. Part of your job as a dog owner is to ensure that your dog's bark do not go unheard and that reasonable action is taken so that the dog will calm down.

Yes, dogs bark, but it is not healthy for the dog or anyone around it to bark excessively. This causes and spreads a lot of stress, so as soon as a dog begins to bark, action needs to be taken.

Going to investigate will tell you why the dog is barking, from there you choose how to stop the barking.

Examples of reasons dogs bark:

  • Honey loves to check for cats in the VIP section. But she can't always get out. So she barks to ask her to be let out.
  • Paz or Motta bark to come inside the house or they might bark to be let out of a room or because they were inadvertently left in the bathroom.
  • Pebbles once barked incessantly. When I went to investigate I saw she was barking at a baby fer-de lance snake. Scruffy and Lady have done the same to alert me of a toad in the yard, however in these instances their behaviour is a lot more direct and communicative.
  • Dogs thankfully do not escape quietly. While some are unable to squeeze through the hole or even those who prefer to stay behind, they usually sound the alarm to let us know there are escape artists at work.
  • Intruders and visitors alike are going to get yelled at. This is good. Dogs have a heightened sense of hearing and sounds to them are exceptionally familiar. The sound of the gate is very distinctive for them. They will sound the alarm. Once the person has been identified as a visitor, the dogs need to back off. They can read your body language a lot better than we give them credit for.
  • Passers by generate a lot of scandal here. The dogs are both yelling at them and letting us know. We don't need to know and passers by are not doing anything that deserves being yelled at. This kind of behaviour should not be tolerated. Check out barking mad for ways to manage excessive barking.
  • Dogs are also exceptionally territorial. No one comes in especially not strange dogs and cats. In fact, usually these are not even allowed to pass by regardless of how peaceful their aura is.
  • If there is a dog fight, the dogs will make sure everyone knows. This of course needs to be attended to quickly.
  • An iguana once made it into the yard and thanks to some quick action we were able to get it out of the yard thanks to some timely alerts by the dogs. Whether it was out of excitement or to let us know that something was wrong, the iguana survived.

Once you discover the reason for the dogs' bark, it's usually obvious how to stop the barking. The dog should never be allowed to continue barking, not just for their sake, but for everyone's who can hear it!

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