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Ride Sally Ride Vaccination Campaign History

When Sally and Harriet were rescued from Puntarenas and with Sally later diagnosed with distemper, I discovered a lack of education on vaccines and responsible dog ownership in general in the area.

After a month of fighting alongside one of the toughest pooches I have ever had the honour of knowing, sally passed away on April 2, 2021. watching her fight such a merciless disease, knowing that a single inexpensive shot could have avoided all of this, made me decide that an education initiative is nothing if vaccines are not given out and outbreaks are prevented.


At the moment the Ride Sally Ride Vaccination Campaign is still in the conceptualisation stage. The goals are:

  • Raise funds to buy vaccines
  • Vaccinate dogs during a visit to the area with 'mobile clinics'
  • Offer vaccinations free of charge
  • Educate about the importance of vaccinations

Get involved

One of the easiest ways of getting involved in the Ride Sally Ride Vaccination Campaign is to volunteer. The vaccination campaign will begin in Puntarenas and the idea is to work area by area to create zones of immunity and prevent outbreaks and the spreading of disease.

As a volunteer your role will be to chat to community members to offer them the free vaccine and offer a small explanation of the importance of vaccinations.

You can also help us to make fliers which explain the importance of vaccinations and castrations and these can be handed out to community members.

Volunteers will also help us to apply the vaccine. In many cases a muzzle may be required or just an extra set of hands to keep the dog calm with treats or cuddles.

You can also help by making a donation to buy a vaccine. Each vaccine that we buy costs $10.

1 thought on “Vaccination Campaign”

  1. Cynthia Robles says:

    I will be in Atenas from October 16 until November 9. I am working remotely in the early evening but will be free most days during the day hours. I used to be a veterinarian assisted years ago, have my license in psychology, love animals and am willing to help in any way. I may not have transportation but I will be in Atenas. I am pretty fluent in both English and Spanish. Please contact me. I’d love to help your project.

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