Our mission is to provide a home to animals that have been adandoned or abused, to show them what it is to live in a home where they are loved.

I was found as a starving puppy prancing along the highway in Limón. I'd lost most of my hair and you could see my ribs. The rescuers think I was beaten, but I don't remember that. They were surprised at my care-free, happy-go-lucky attitude, even when I was sick and starving. I play well with other dogs and I enjoy cuddling with anyone.

Swiper recently had a check up and much to our surprise he is not as much of a puppy as we suspected. After a quick look at his teeth he has a fair amount of tartar buildup probably putting him at around 4 years old. His coat is deceptively soft and he is very sweet and small and can easily be taken for a younger dog.

Swiper, much like Scruffy, when it comes to being in the group of dogs prefers to take a back seat and wait for his attention, treat or chance to say hi. He also sometimes will sneak up on you just to say hi while you are on your hands and needs cleaning the floor.

Swiper eats with the smaller dogs and has a good appetite.

Swiper is crazy about cat chasing and for this reason he is hardly ever allowed upstairs because not only does the little guy chase the cats but he gathers quite a bit of support from the dogs who are generally not interested in chasing cats at all.

Swipies also starts some of the barking sessions. His bark creates enough panic in the group to get everyone gathered to see what it is that Swiper has found.

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