Our mission is to provide a home to animals that have been adandoned or abused, to show them what it is to live in a home where they are loved.

I was with Storm driving home and a ‘creature’ ran out of the brush on the one side of the road to cross. The car in front of me missed it but the car coming down on the other side hit it as I was going up. The poor thing screamed and flew into the air landing in the road all curled up. We stopped and all the cars behind us stopped too. I volunteered to take him if someone would put him in the car. A man helped me and off we went as fast as we could. I thought the creature was going to die at any moment.

We arrived at the vet and as I came to a stop Storm ran into the vet to call someone and this ‘creature’ got up from where he was lying and started looking for a way to get out so I jumped out of the car. The vets assistant said they don’t deal with wild animals - look at those claws and those teeth! - he said. But he did help me get him into a cage with a dog catcher (not before he escaped into a neighbours garden). The cage didn’t fit in my car so off we went to the fire dept who suggested we take him to the Costa Rica wildlife rescue centre in turrúcares.

I didn’t even know this place existed!

Cut a long story short this creature is called a taira in English and a tolomuco in Spanish. While they aren’t rare it’s very rare to see one. The 2 vets at the centre had never seen one and the biologist who identified him for us had seen one only once in his life. The taira survived. They took him to a specialist hospital and did X-rays and ultrasounds and he had minor damage. They put him on a drip until he recovered and the plan was to release him back into the wild. But our friend had other plans and escaped from his cage at the wildlife rescue centre completely ripping apart the welding on the cage he was in.

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