Our mission is to provide a home to animals that have been adandoned or abused, to show them what it is to live in a home where they are loved.

Zafiro and Gato were published on facebook by a rescuer in the Aguas Zarcas area of San Carlos, Dani. She found them skinny and malnourished and despite the family handing them over to her, she had nowhere to take them, so they simply stayed where they were and Dani took on the responsibility of feeding them.

One of the videos that Dani had uploaded landed in my inbox. The message was that while she was feeding them, she had no more food and in fact it sounded like she had skipped a week of taking them food since there were no donations.

With the help of some donors we put together 100 kilos of dog food, Sarah (what would we do without Sarah!), offered to drive the food out there. Sarah's story is absolutely moving, she was quite impacted by the poverty in the area and the state that many of the dogs had to live in.

In addition to Zafira and Gato Sarah identified 3 other dogs that needed to be placed elsewhere. Read up about Sarita to follow the rest of the story.

While Zafira and Gato now had food and new collars thanks to Sarah and cable runs thanks to Dani, but our problem remained, where do we take them? We started looking for fosters everywhere and absolutely no one responded. At some stage I started offering to pay people to take care of them and we received a very genertous donation which allowed us to take them to Orejotas, a dog hotel run by David Frias en La Fortuna.

Zafiro and Gato's expenses:

  • Castrations 20,000
  • Deworming, vaccinations, nexguard, medications 91,000
  • Transport from Aguas Zarcas to La Fortuna 30,000
  • Perrotel for one week 70,000

Total 221,000 ($380)

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